Coastal tourism


Vietnam has more than 3200km of coastline, possesses a great potential for coastal tourism. The tropical seaside is a unique resource that combines beautiful sceneries with sea and weather: the sun, water, beaches, outstanding scenic views, rich biological diversity (birds, whales, corals etc). It attracts tourist visitors almost every day.Various profitable services have been developed such as diving, boat-trips, bird watching tours, restaurants and recreational facilities.


Recognizing the significance of professional human services in coastal tourism, School of Tourism, UEH  discusses with Ms. Emmanualle PEYVEL – Associate Professor in Geography of Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO)  for a possible cooperation in developing coastal tourism educational programs.


Prof PEYVEL (2nd from right) is presenting UBO in a meeting with School of Tourism, UEH, May 3rd, 2017


UBO is a multidisciplinary university with a main open campus locates in the heart of the energetic and welcoming city of Brest and two other campuses are in the beautiful cities of Morlaix and Quimper.


Being known as a seaside university, UBO offers programs in a variety of fields such as marine sciences, humanities, law, economics, health care, electronics and digital technology for which it earns national and international reputation.


It has 1500 international students from 107 different countries, 330 students in international mobility programs, 570 student travel abroad for internships each year and around 330 Erasmus+ mobility agreements.


The cooperation initiative recommended for UBO and School of Tourism, UEH is strongly endorsed by Prof. NGUYEN Dong Phong – President of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH). He particularly appreciates the idea of setting up a Master degree program in the related fields. He also welcomes ideas of developing certificate program and seminars jointly organized by both universities.


Assoc Prof. PEYVEL is discussing with Prof. Phong – UEH President (2nd from right) the possible cooperation between UBO and UEH. Dr. Tri – Dean of School of Tourism looks on.


Prof. Phong insists that tourism is important to Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City is currently accommodating about half of international tourist visitors to Vietnam, amounted to 5.2 million last year. Located in the country’s locomotive city, UEH always places a substantial emphasis on human resource development for hospitality and tourism industry, he said.


Assoc.Prof PEYVEL (center) is welcomed by UEH President – Prof NGUYEN Dong Phong (2nd from left). Members of School of Tourism are also in the photo. NGUYEN Thi Minh Ngoc – Vice Dean of School of Tourism (far left), Dr. NGUYEN Duc Tri – Dean (2nd from right), and NGUYEN Thi Thu Thuy – Lecturer of School of Tourism.


UEH currently recruits some 5000 students for bachelor, 2000 for master degrees and some 100-150 for PhD candidates annually. The university established in 1976 has seven campuses located mainly in town of Ho Chi Minh City. It offers degrees in economic development, banking, accountancy, law, finance, applied informatics, state governance, healthcare management, public governance and business administration. The university remains a pretty good educational cooperation with France that one of which is CFVG (Centre Franco-Vietnam de Formation à la Gestion (Vietnam-French Center for Management Training)).


Possibilities of cooperation between UEH and UBO could be many: student exchange, industry placements (internship), provision of scholarships to those competent Vietnamese students who wish to study at UBO, joint degree programs for undergraduate and graduate levels, certificate programs and seminar. All are in tourism-related education.


Dr. Tri – Dean of School of Tourism insists that once both sides commit a particular agenda, a masterplan will be mapped and consolidated with which relevant resources will be dedicated. Industry funding is viable to secure for an initial startup of a joint program between the two universities.

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