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[cs_list column_size="1/1" cs_list_type="icon" cs_border="no" ][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]How much are tuition fees?[/list_item][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]What are the term dates and other key University dates?[/list_item][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]Does the University have accommodation on campus?[/list_item][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]What courses do you offer?[/list_item][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]What can I do after I have graduated?[/list_item][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]How can I order a prospectus?[/list_item][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]Can I visit the University?[/list_item][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]How do I get to the University?[/list_item][list_item cs_list_icon="icon-help" ]Can I park my car on campus?[/list_item][/cs_list]
[cs_faq cs_faq_view="simple" ][faq_item faq_title="How much are tuition fees?" faq_active="yes" ]For the tuition fees that are payable by home, European Union and international students in all years of their course please see the Student fees and finance web page. [/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="What are the term dates and other key University dates?" faq_active="yes" ]To view the dates of terms and semesters for the academic year, and other key dates, please visit our key university dates web pages[/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Does the University have accommodation on campus?" faq_active="yes" ]Yes, the University has a variety of accommodation. Information can be located on our Accommodation website [/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="What courses do you offer?" faq_active="yes" ]We offer a full range of taught and research degrees at postgraduate level, all of which place emphasis on equipping postgraduates with specific analytical and research skills. This training enables our postgraduates to make a real contribution to their field of research, enjoying the benefits of working with, and learning from, internationally recognised research specialists. Information about our postgraduate courses is available in our online Postgraduate Prospectus. You can also request a paper copy of the Postgraduate Prospectus. [/faq_item][faq_item faq_title=" What can I do after I have graduated?" faq_active="yes" ]Please see our Careers and Employ ability Service web pages for advice on looking for jobs and careers after University. [/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="How can I order a prospectus?" faq_active="no" ]The University’s prospectuses can be ordered online: If you would like the prospectus in an alternative format, such as audio, Braille or large print, please contact us:telephone: +44 (0)115 951 4591 [/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Can I visit the University?" faq_active="yes" ]The best time to visit the University is during one of our open days, campus tours or other official events. Details of our events for prospective students are as follows.If you are unable to make one of our organised events, please feel free to come and conduct a self-guided tour around the campuses at any time. The University operates an open campus policy. A Self-guided campus tour brochure will help you find your way around campus. [/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="How do I get to the University?" faq_active="yes" ]Maps and directions to the University are available on our website. [/faq_item][faq_item faq_title="Can I park my car on campus?" faq_active="yes" ]Students who live in halls of residence or who have a term-time address within a radius of 15 miles of University Park or Jubilee Campuses are not eligible for a concessionary permit. Students based at Sutton Bonington are eligible for a concessionary parking permit (at 50% of the usual cost). Please contact Security for further information about parking at the University. [/faq_item][/cs_faq]